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Tips on picking a good web hosting service
After planning and developing a website the next step is to host
it on the internet. The issue of ‘Web Hosting’ is not just related to
the price and features a web hosting provider offered. Choosing a poor
host provider can make a difference in rankings for search engines. If you
submit your site again and again to Google but you still are not able to get it
indexed then you must take a look at your host provider.

There is a strong belief that for a website to rank higher, it must have a unique IP address.
Today many host providers have many domains running side by side on the same server thus many
domains share a single IP address.

This can also effect email. With a shared IP address you run the risk of being shutdown because some other
domain has been blacklisted for spamming or some other violation.

Make sure that when you do your research to ask the correct questions such as:
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